Flora Urbanica means a lot to us – it’s the result of more than 10 years of hard work. It is also an expression of the way we want to live our lives – dedicated to delivering solutions that really benefit our surroundings.

Our journey

2010 - First meeting with Vertical Gardens in France

Our founder Lubos Machala was always interested in new technologies. During his university, he decided to go to St. Tropez to meet companies that were using the sphagnum to create green walls. At that time, it was the most stable technology.

Since then he started to create Spaghum based green wall system of his own and this is where our story beings.


Spaghnum base green wall In St. Tropez

2013 - Founding of Arch Vegetal

We became one of the first companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia building the green walls. And for a long time the only one using Spahgum technology which we see more stable than the geotextile systems.

We still remember the first wall we built – it was a real fight and it tested our physical and psychical powers, but since then we know that everything is possible!

2014 - Building the biggest vertical garden in Czechia

What a year for us! We have built the biggest green wall in the Czech Republic at that time. 250sqm and over 5000 plants at one place. That was a true challenge, but the results were even something more inspiring. The Jindrisska Office house in Prague received various prizes for Architecture and was LEED Gold certified.

Did we already tell you that we really like challenges?

2018 - Development of Flora Panel has begun!

The market started changing drastically. Even though the biggest green wall in Milano was built using Sphagnum technology, companies started to prefer more sustainable technologies, that were cheaper and easier to maintain. So we tried all the possible solutions on the market, but due to our perfectionist approach, we were not satisfied with any of them..

And this is how we decided to build a system on our own!

2020 - The launch of Flora Urbanica

What better start of a second decade dedicated to our mission could we possibly have? Finally, we accomplished what we’ve dreamed of. We managed to create a system thanks to which anyone can fill their house or their office building with green walls and get more nature in their lives!

Stay tuned, as more things are coming. 🙂

Our Team

Lubos Machala
CEO / Founder

Filip Goldman
COO / Co-founder

Petr Hofhans

Michaela Fojtíčková
Brand and Marketing Manager

Jan Thor
Technical support

Jakub Postler
Sales - Poland

Adam Salacinski
Sales - poland

Aleš Stacke
Sales - Czech republic